Project Development

Project Development.

Buildings are more than a mere combination of materials. This is where we work together with our real estate team to bring out the best in ourselves and others. That’s why Smart Gates Real Estate applies the highest standards to these areas and we always looking for ways to make them smarter and also more comfortable.

Clients seek us out because we deliver the full range of services necessary to conceive, implement and complete significant projects. Among the projects we have handled are city center and urban redevelopment projects, multi-party, office towers with parking and retail components, multi-phased mixed-use projects, and many more.

With our experienced planning team supports our clients through all phases of a development project, from planning appraisals, applications and agreements, to enforcement, appeals, inquiries and challenges.

We work alongside public and private stakeholders and understand every element of the local planning systems, including complex applications, compulsory acquisition, environmental impact assessment and enforcement.